3 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Hi Phil, you probably don’t remember me I used to live on Long Island and went to C3LI since around 1995, or a year after Mark and Bernie started it. I now live in Connecticut. Would it be okay if I linked this site on the sidebar of my blog? Tell Mark and Bernie I said hi.

  2. anon

    yes, words are more than just words.. Amen Ps Phil!

    \’…The closer we get to the edges of the mystery of things, the less adequate our explanations become. The word mystery has its root in a Greek word that means \”to shut one\’s mouth.\” There is no way we can abandon words in theology, but there may be required of us a new modesty about the meanings of words. That is, what Frye calls \”blatant literalism\” and \”vague transcendentalism\” must be replaced by a new sense of the vitality of words and their use in other contexts than propositional arguments. Meaning becomes attached to words. Dictionaries are codified collections, not of meanings, but of uses of words. We assume that we find meanings in dictionaries. We find only the consensus of the uses of words. How words are used is the problem of preaching and theology. Paul Valery once remarked that \”words are planks of wood we place over chasms to cross over. If we try to dance on them in the middle of the journey, we will not cross over. Words have more uses than meanings.\”\’


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